The New Brunswick Council of Hospital Unions represents and bargains on behalf of over 11,000 health care workers in New Brunswick.

Our members are Clerical, Stenographic & Office Equipment Operation / Institutional Services / Patient Services working within Vitalité Health Network, Horizon Health Network, and Ambulance New Brunswick

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 We are pleased to announce that a collaborative steering committee has been formed to implement a public awareness campaign regarding workplace violence in health care settings.

The Steering Committee on Workplace Violence Prevention includes membership from the Department of Health, Vitalité Health Network, Horizon Health Network, Extra-Mural/Ambulance New Brunswick Inc., the New Brunswick Nurses Union, CUPE, the New Brunswick Union, and the New Brunswick Medical Society.

Together, we will develop the appropriate strategies, objectives, measurements and messages that meet the needs of all the organizations represented on the committee. The campaign will provide a common voice in response to escalating violence in New Brunswick workplaces.

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Sisters and Brothers… Your bargaining committee met with the Employer and the Conciliator on December 8th to continue the bargaining process. The employer presented CUPE 1252 with their wage mandate for a four-year period from July 1-2019 to January 1-2023.   They were as follows. July 1-2019–0.5%, January 1-2020–0.5%, July 1-2020–0%, January 1-2021–0%, July 1-2021–0.5%, January

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NBCHU CUPE Local 1252 Bargaining Update October 2020

In February 2020, your bargaining team walked away from the table and applied for thenext steps in bargaining which was Conciliation. What this means is the parties meetwith a third party to mediate between the two to attempt to achieve a tentativeagreement. There were dates considered shortly after we walked away from the table,but when

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CUPE 1252 Communique

Healthcare Staff at Odds with Government Over Surgical Masks Fredericton, NB – CUPE Local 1252, representing over 12,000 members in the NB Healthcare system, is appalled by the diminutions of personal protective equipment (PPE) allocation for healthcare staff. “From day one the staff have all had access to Level 3 surgical masks to provide a maximum

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License Practical Nurse’s Day

CUPE LOCAL1252Would like to congratulate the licensed practical nurse for providing a valuable service to the population of New Brunswick. Thank you for your outstanding and dedicated service.  Happy Nurses Week to the great nursing staff I work with as well as all those across the province. This is the year of the Nurse …

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NBCHU CUPE Local 1252 bargaining newsletter – February 2020

Sisters and Brothers: Your bargaining committee has been meeting with the employer to ratify a tentative agreement since June 2019. During this period, we worked through most language proposals and moved forward to our monetary package exchange in January 2020. Your bargaining committee met with the employer representatives on February 12th, 2020, at which time

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